Business Divisions

Palm Oil Mill

The Company started commercial production of palm oil in April 1984 with a 3 ton/hour fresh fruit bunch (FFB) Mill to process palm fruits that were extensively cultivated within its catchment area.

In 1996 the capacity was expanded to 7 tons ffb/hr. with the acquisitions of a 4ton ffb/hr mill.

In 2003 the two small Presses were scrapped and replaced by a 9ton/hr Press complete with a Digester and other ancillary equipment.

In 2010 a major overhaul of the factory equipment was undertaken which saw the removal of virtually all the old equipment and replacing them with a state of the art 15ton/hr Mill imported from Malaysia.

Palm Kernel Oil Mill

The Palm Kernel Oil Mill was established in 1987 with an installed capacity of 40tons of kernel per 24 hr day. Two new expellers with capacities of 25ton and 50ton were installed in 2019.

Shea Butter Plant

This was installed in 2001 with one Expeller to process 50tons of Shea per day into Shea Butter. In 2003 an additional Expeller was added to bring the capacity to 100tons Shea per day. The Company process Shea Butter on toll basis to customers.

Boiler and Turbine

In 2003/4 a 10ton Steam/Hr. @ 20 bar pressure waste fired Combi Boiler was commissioned to produce steam to run a 0.5Mega watt Turbine that was to generate electric power to meet the energy needs of the factory. The advantage of this arrangement was that the Boiler could burn ALL the wastes of the production thereby eliminating smoke pollution by the open burning of these wastes.

The excess energy produced is supplied free of charge to the local Hospital and the water pumping station.

Palm Oil Refinery

In 2007/8 a continuous physical Refinery Plant imported from De Smet Ballestra of Belgium with a capacity to process 50tons of crude palm oil per day was installed.

Effluent Pond

The company has two effluent ponds with capacities of 31000m3 and 14000m3 where all liquid waste (Slurry) is channeled into for treatment.

Water Pumping Stations and Tanks

The Company has four pumping stations and three water tanks of capacity 600m3 for production. It also serves as the main water supply for the community as a whole.