The Company

Company Profile

Juaben Oil Mills Ltd (JOML) was incorporated in 1981 as an Agro Processing Company

The Company is located at Juaben in the Juaben Municipal in the Ashanti Region of Ghana; Juaben is about 32 km east of Kumasi the Ashanti Regional Capital and Ghana’s second largest city.


The ownership structure is represented by 4 Directors:

Human Resource

Total Workforce 275 made of

Male (214)


Corporate Social Responsibility

The company over the years in existence has been giving back to the society and has done numerous Corporate Social Responsibility including

  1. Provision of boreholes to supply good portable water for the community.
  2. Provision of distilled water for the Government Hospital
  3. Payment of school fees to brilliant but needy students
  4. Provision of free power to the Local Government Pumping Station coupled with free Mechanical Service.
  5. Provision of Electricity to the Government Hospital